Who We are...

We are a worker-owned agricultural business that provides sustainably grown produce located on Windy City Harvest’s Legends Farm in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. We are currently comprised of five worker-owners all trained through the Chicago Botanical Gardens urban agriculture program. 


We came together after our training around a love for sharing local produce, particularly unique crops and those with a deep, often lost, history. We all believe in growing food using natural processes and without pesticides. Nature knows best and we do our best to listen.


We are committed to the spirit of worker-ownership and the equitable distribution of power among workers. We all work together to come to decisions. Everyone who plucks your produce is also an owner. No bosses! This model flies in the face of industrial and large farm practices which offer very low wages for workers and provide no decision-making power or ability to gain ownership in the business. Just as our mission says, "we believe food tastes better when it is grown under equitable conditions by valued and invested workers." Give us a chance to show you!

Meet the Farmers